Hypno Therapy Level 2 Hypno therapist


  1. Fees # 50000/- INR
  2. Duration # 20 Days
  3. Mode# online Offline
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Hypnotherapy is an old method used for healing chronic diseases. This therapy is all about controlling one’s mind and commanding one’s brain according to the nature of the problem. This therapy helps us to find the root cause of one’s issues and deliver exact outcomes for them to heal. Hypnotherapy helps an individual reach a state where his mind is totally relaxed. That’s what we call control of the mind. During this state one’s mind whether it is in a conscious state or unconscious can completely concentrate on the commands that are given verbally by the therapist. As the mind is completely open to suggestions it is easy to guide that person to the desired result. These changes can depend on one’s will to accept the change. Hypnotherapy is extremely helpful and possibly only performed on a client according to his or her own will as one has to control one’s mind in this therapy. The client has to surrender himself by his own will.



  • Benefits – This therapy gives outstanding results for people facing any kind of chronic disease, anxiety, or depression and also problems related to fast life issues.
  • Can be helpful to lose weight.
  • Can be helpful to nullify the physical pain in the body.
  • The therapist can help you to become more positive towards your life by giving proper instructions to your brain.


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