About us

Our Story

Karm Tantra is a place where you are seen, heard and supported to restore your health and well-being and to achieve new personal heights on your life path.

Kiran Singh, is a certified practitioner, who has experience of 28 years in the field of healing. She is not one of the usual healers/tarot card readers or life coaches. She is a clairvoyant who has learned, developed, and effectively mastered the above-mentioned sciences from the greatest masters (“Siddh Gurus”) of our times, taking Initiations (“Deekshas”) for which she dedicated 28 years of her life. All spent in mastering the most exclusive, hardest and highest levels of meditations, mantra and tantras, MahaVidya, Sadhnas, Kundilini, Chakra Jagran (Awakening), Aura Cleansing and Strengthening and so much more.

She has rigorously developed different but easy methods to help you heal and solve your problems, uplift and improve your overall quality of life.

Belonging to a modern and rich business-class family, she is an Arts graduate who always felt a deep connection and attraction toward the mystical spiritual world. From her early days, she wondered: Why are some people deprived of the most basic necessities in life and on the other side, there are people with so much wealth and materialistic resources and yet they are not happy and continue to suffer endlessly? She would ask her parents and elders at home the same question. When she didn’t get any convincing answer, she decided to seek the answer herself and find remedies to either minimize or completely root out all of these problems with the help of the spiritual world. However, for that to happen, she needed spiritual guidance from the right master… a Guru! And that’s how her journey began!

These are the modalities and techniques mastered by Kiran Singh throughout her journey:

Reiki up to the “Grand Master” Level

Neuro-Linguistic Programming  [NLP]

Kriya Reiki

Crystal Therapy

Time Line Therapy

Angel Therapy


Past Life Regression

Chakra Healing and Cleansing

Aura Healing and Cleansing

Vishitao (4 Levels) (Advance Study of Healing Symbols)

Pranic Healing

Arhat Yoga

Mantra Sadhana Vigyaan.

Our mission

In Ancient India our Rishi-Munis healed themselves through more than 4000 self healing techniques.

Here at Karm Tantra we heal you through:


Through our WORKSHOPS we try and heal you through different kind of methods and cleanse you thoroughly and make your body cleaner and  much lighter.

Also through different kind of healing techniques, we aim to heal all that is deep rooted inside which further becomes unhealthy.

Through our highly designed workshops combining science and spirituality we want you to diagnose yourself and become your own healer.

Some kriyas that are performed in our workshops:

 Manthan Kriya

Krodh Niyantran Kriya

Chakra Manthan

Chakra Breathing Exercise

Kundalini Jagran Kriya

Mantra Sadhna

Meet Our Instructor

Guruma Kiran Singh (Founder)

Karm Tantra was founded by Mrs. Kiran Singh, whose sole intention was to create a highly effective, peaceful, and happy life for people by enlightening them.

Kiran Singh, is a certified practitioner, who has experience of 28 years in the field of healing. She created this safe space for people who would like to explore the journey within oneself by applying the numerous modalities that she has mastered.