Dharamshala Workshop 24th to 27th December 2022 JEEVAN KE SUTRA

All we do is focus on money and materialistic things to bring mental and emotional stability in life instead of focusing on our inner self.

In this workshop we focused on various emotional aspects of our being and broke our toxic, harmful, unwanted patterns to overcome our insecurities, fears and unhealthy emotional patterns to live a better life.

Learnt to control our own mind and not be in control of it to overcome anxiety, panic attacks and anger issues.

Few meditations conducted in this workshop are:
Disintegration in water: to remove all the blockages, obstacles and problems caused due to imbalancing of the chakras through a disintegrator made of crystal

Chakra breathing: to breathe out all the problems and issues present in our body, mind and soul to bring peace, bliss, soundness and constancy in life

Appreciation meditation: discuss each of our qualities to focus on the good inside us and find meaninbg to our existence

Vrindavan Workshop 7th to 10th October 2022 MULADHAAR JAGRAN

Conducted in the city of love it filled all the participants heart and life with love, compassion and stability.

As the name of the workshop says Mooladhar Jagran, we focused alot on our Mooladhar Chakra and it brought financial stability, improved relationships, removed worries about the future as mooladhar chakra is all about stability in every aspect of life.

Few meditations conducted in this workshop are:
Awareness dance: where we became very aware of our body and connected to our soul through slow dancing, observing every movement we did

Tandav: to let go of all the masks and pretence we put on to hide our vulnerability, flaws and negative emotions and liberate ourselves from everything that held us back

Tathata: to meet death and face it before we actually face it, to be grateful for the life we have and find hapiness and purpose to it

Sakshi said,” I now feel very stable and have drastic improvements in my relationship with everyone after I attended the workshop.”

Lonavala Workshop 8th to 11th June 2022 KNOW YOUR SOUL

On the journey of finding oneself and knowing the purpose of life, this workshop was all about knowing ourselves and off loading the bad karmas to reduce the number of bad events happening in life and bring in positivity and good in life.

This workshop focused on fighting the five vices : Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahenkar to get our sexual, anger, greed, attachment and egoistic desires that make our life difficult and replace them with happiness, positivity, calmness, love and gratitude to make our life worth living.

Few meditations conducted in this workshop:
Krodh niyantran kriya: to bring control over anger through releasing it out and becoming potent over situations situations and people that make us react abruptly

Mirroring meditation: sharing our hearts out to a stranger who acts like a mirror and does not give any reaction to what we say and make us feel validated and show that we ourselves can be our own listener

Shailja said,” I became very aware of the people around me and started focusing on the ones who were more supportive and positive towards me. I overcame many fears and insecurities making me a positive and stronger person.”

Manali Workshop 13th to 15th September 2021

This was the first workshop conducted by karm Tantra.

It is the most vigorous workshop conducted. It focused on anger management and removal of all the baggages that people were carrying, be it anxiety, depression, fear, pain and sorrow.

This was the start of changing life extremely quickly. The changes that are seen in people after months of practicing meditation started happening in three to four days through this residential workshop where we stay with Guruma for three days and benefit from her entire bein g.

Few meditations conducted in this workshop are:

woman workshop

Women work 24 hours for 365 days and never ask for a holiday neither do they ever focus on themselves, this is the reason why Karm Tantra conducted a workshop only for women, so that they can spend sometime with themselves and learn to respect and love their own selves as much they love and respect their families.

In this workshop we focused on:
Bringing emotional stability and inner peace through balancing the hormones and also learn how to do it on our own.

Increasing the powe of the mind, intuition and creativity to bring peace, abundance and prosperity to oneself and also the entire home.

Weight loss because many women go through weight issue due to hormonal changes in the body.

To all the women out there Karm Tantra stands with you and supports you with anything and everything you need

Dharamshala Workshop 1st to 5th December 2021

As we store a lot negative emotions in our body all our life, this workshop was all about removing the emotions of ANGER, FEAR, SORROW, SADNESS, GUILT and PAIN and set out on the path self acceptance and healing.

Few meditations conducted at this workshop are:
Manthan Kriya: To bring out all the negative emotions on the surface and pushing them out of our systems.

Heart Meditation: To get in touch with our heart to set on the journey of accepting ourself and become whole.

Meenal said, ” I found the path of my life and started accepting myself the way I am.”