Reiki Level 2


  1. Fees # 10,000 INR
  2. Duration # 6 Days
  3. Mode # Online / Offline
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Reiki is healing technique where we learn to channelize the Universal energy present all around us and use those energies to heal ourselves, non-living things, diseases, organs.This magical healing technique is present in every human being , but we have forgotten and lost the connection with the magic inside us. It is time to learn to heal ourselves and others. It is a Japanese stress reduction technique that promotes the body relaxation response and triggers body’s Natural healing abilities.

Reiki dissolves the illusion of fears and empowers our soul to reveal our loving and authentic truth filling our entire being with love and peace so that we overcome all the obstacles and clear all the blockages.

REI means the god’s wisdom- ‘higher power’ and KI is the ‘life force of energy’ therefore REIKI means ‘spiritually guided life force energy’



  • Self care and healing tool
  • You can heal events or patients at distance
  • Spiritual growth
  • Symbols and mantra healing will be very powerful and give speedy recovery to patients
  • You can heal past, future, places, animals, weather, finance”

What you will learn

  • Symbols for healing and how to use it
  • One learn to heal events
  • Distant healing,distant things who are at any far distance
  • Sanskrit mantra from which these symbol came
  • Making and writing the intention
  • Visualisation work
  • You will get attunement for reiki 2
  • Manifestation through reiki box
  • Mental method of healing
  • Aura loosening
  • Reiki operation
  • Detailed information of chakra
  • Water activation from reiki


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