Hypno Therapy Level 3 Past life regression therapist


  1. Fees # 50000/- INR
  2. Duration # 10 Days
  3. Mode # Online / Offline
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Past life – Our soul keeps on changing the physical body and every time when we come to earth with a new body, we tend to forget all our past lives our soul has been to. Many times we are not aware of our mental, emotional and physical suffering and where it is coming from. It is because we are always born with our old karma. It is possible that some incident that happened in your past life is still creating problems or pain in your present life. And can be solved with proper therapy, where you can visit your past life and find the root cause of your problem and therapy will also help you to heal that problem.


  • Benefits of past life regression- It helps people to change their behavior and habits. It also helps in finding the root cause of critical mental & emotional issues one might be facing.
  • Extremely helpful in getting rid of any kind of chronic addiction.
  • We can find the reason for one’s physical suffering in this life if they are related to their past life.
  • Past life tells you about your soul’s truth.
  • Past life also helps you find your soul purpose, who you were, who you are, and what are you here for.

What will you learn?

In level – 3 of Hypnotherapy we shall be learning about Hypnosis. And how to conduct Past Life Regression therapy for your client. How to hypnotize and take them to their past life to find the root cause of problems & heal it for your clients.


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