Karm Tantra: A Journey from “Ghor se Aghor”

When did we get so caught up in our daily hustle and bustle that we forgot to enjoy our lives? The point of living is to what do makes us alive and we are here to give you exactly that.

Life has become more about materialistic things. Life has become a chase. Life has become boring. We are here to help you enjoy the present. We are here to help you see your true potential. We need to get back to a much simpler life. A life full of energy and excitement. At Karm Tantra, you will get in touch with your true self, your energy and the world around you like never before!

Get back in touch with yourself and your roots. Join us and create a more happy and balanced life for yourself today!



Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies. Prana (the air we breathe in) is the life force that drives these centers. Learn how to balance your energy with your chakras.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese science of healing (REI= universal light; KI= life force energy governing all functions in the world).  This helps you heal all kinds of problems by touch or thought.

Angel Therapy

Have you ever felt an angelic presence around you? Ever wondered what a guardian angel is and how you can connect with them? Take this course and find out!


It is a treatment/therapy that rewires your brain. There are different methods.

Finding Balance & Peace

Most of us don’t have much control over our thoughts. At Karm Tantra, we will help you find balance through methods that will help you align your chakras. We will also guide you towards a more peaceful life through meditation. 

Discover Your Happiness

Karm Tantra is a place where you are seen, heard and supported to restore your health and well-being and to achieve new personal heights in your life path. Discover what makes you truly happy and learn ways to get back in touch with yourself. It is a journey within.

Start Your Journey Today

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