Date: May 30-June 1, 2024
Location: Lonavala

We at Karma Tantra help you to :

Working on mind, how?
Break your old patterns, blockages and habits of your mind and learn to manifest abundance in life .

Working on body, how ?
To remove our stored emotions like anger, depression, guilt which create diseases in our body through different ancient Indian meditation practices and yoga .

Working your energetic body, how ?
By doing the different kinds of meditation to clean and align your chakras . And also learning special techniques using crystals to remove the negativity, anger, guilt ,fear etc which is stuck in auric field .

Working on your soul, how ?
With Past Life regression ( PLR): This will help you to see who you were in past life . Give you clarity about why you are here again in this birth and what is PURPOSE of your SOUL. Will also help you to see bigger picture of entire human existence which is hard for human logical mind to understand. As soul we keep on taking birth in different human body and we come with purpose to fulfill. It is time to find that purpose.

It is high time to work on ourselves now as the times are changing . Earth requires more and more souls which are ready to heal themselves . Because as we heal ourselves we also heal the collective consciousness and we heal our Mother Earth . Register now and meet your soul family and heal together with them to heal the earth .

So, what are you waiting for?   Join us at the workshop to learn different techniques of self-healing. Bust the balloons of past patterns , blocked emotions and bad karmas. Also, be a part of past life regression therapy. This shall help you to know the exact reason for your suffering related to your past life. Learn and get guidance to end this suffering. There are  sessions to purify your chakras also to strengthen you from within.

In today’s world of multimedia we have totally forgotten our own selves. Everything has become superficial. We constantly run behind our goals and still are not happy with our own achievements. Anger, depression, anxiety, lack of freshness, and happiness have become a part of our lives. Despite of taking breaks and going on expensive holidays, one still feels he is missing out on something or not feeling happy. And the reason is very simple we never set ourselves free to understand our own mind and body, who actually are our best friends. We try to find love in others. But it actually exists within us.

Feel rejuvenated by detoxing your soul, mind, and body at our workshop. We have multi-dimensional programs which help you to find a new version of your own. Set a goal to heal yourself and live a happy, satisfied and successful life. We are driven by a simple goal to transform you from within.

Some kriyas that are performed in our workshops: –

  • Manthan Kriya
  • Krodh Niyantran
  • Kriya
  • Chakra Manthan
  • Chakra Breathing Exercise
  • Kundalini Jagran Kriya
  • Mantra Sadhna