Chakra Level 2


  1. Fees # 10000/- INR
  2. Duration # 7 Days
  3. Mode # Online / Offline
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The special magical mantra of each chakra will be given to you which is given by our guru Kiran Singh and she got all these mantras in her meditation by Goddess Jagdam. Chanting this mantra will help with cleansing and aligning your chakras.


Chakra meditation is an age-old Hindu Technique. In this meditation, we shall be working on your seven main chakras. As the real cause of suffering and misfortune in one’s life is mostly due to the misalignment of these chakras.

Course Details

  1. In level – 2, we shall understand more about chakra and their alignment. The reason why the chakras are unbalanced and also know how they affect our daily life. Also, we shall train you to diagnose over and underactive chakra, which shall help you to understand the real reason behind your suffering. Due to this, you will be able to solve all your problems and live a successful and happy fulfilling life. The reason behind why specific colors are assigned to each chakra, and their importance in the healing of these chakras. So what are you waiting for get yourself enrolled and open doors for a better understanding of one’s self? And live a better and happy successful energetic life.Benefits
  2.  Practicing these meditations with proper techniques and understanding makes our life happy and successful
  3.  Chakra meditation helps in curing different allergies and health-related issues.
  4.  Chakra meditation also helps in quick spiritual awakening. As it helps in better understanding of one’s self.
  5. It detoxifies one body and soul and gives a better understanding of ones self physically and emotionally. Which helps us to live a peaceful and happy life.


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