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Chakra Level 1


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  2. Duration # 1 Day
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Basically, there are seven main chakras that run along your spine. Which play a vital role in your life related to your Health, Finance, Desires, Relationships, and Wishes Fulfilled. If these chakras are blocked or even if they have any issues you face many problems in your lifetime. We here help you understand these chakras and their importance in your life and also teach simple techniques to heal them. Remove blockages if any and also help them gain energy for your Kundalini Jagaran. In a systematic way by following all spiritual steps.


Chakra meditation is an age-old Hindu Vedic Technique. This Technique helps you in your Kundalini Jagaran, which leads to your spiritual awakening. Also Helps you to live the desired Healthy, Wealthy, Full-Filling life you have been Manifasting for yourself.

Chakra meditation techniques have been a part of the Vedas, ancient sacred Indian texts of spiritual literature dating from 1500 to 1000 BC. Which somehow have been forgotten over the course of time. But we are trying to bring back these simple yet powerful, magical forgotten techniques for the betterment of society and mankind. Which are 100% result oriented, if practiced properly and regularly over the course of time.


Course Details

  • We have divided these courses into two levels for your better understanding and systematic progress in spiritual awakening according to the Vedas.
  • In Level - 1 you shall learn about seven chakras and their placement in your body. Also, you shall be thought how to examine analyze and heal them on your own. In short, become your own doctor.
  • In Level - 2 you shall take a deep dive into this world of chakras. Where you shall be thought all about these seven chakras to the core. Which shall definitely boost your spiritual awakening. Right from adding specific colors to your chakras to higher-level meditation. So that you can get your desired result at a much high speed and soon. If all the meditations and rules assigned are followed with proper concentration and total belief and faith.


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