Aura Healing & Cleansing

Just as chakra healing helps in healing physical issues related to body, aura healing helps in healing mental and emotional issues.

Aura is nothing but enegry which flows around you. This could be postive or negative depending upon your surrondings and various factors around you. Incase the aura gets negative it could bring undesired and unwanted negative results in your life. To overcome the ill effect Aura healing and cleansing is performed. 

One way is Aura cleansing bath which is a ritualistic bathing process where you make use of salts, essentials oils and sacred herbs to clean your energy field. Heal and clean your Aura to overcome mental and emotional issues in life.

Learn how to clean and heal your Aura with us by making an appointment.


Healthy Life.


Eye catching personality.


Success in whatever you do.


Calm and Peace.

Get a Radiant & Positive Aura to attract anything you want in life…..